all competence required to break new grounds for our clients

Let’s face it: business is not always a fair game. At petsche pollak we combine years of experience in advising and representing clients in national as well as cross-border disputes. Having a strong economic background and impeccable understanding of the public court and prosecution system, our firm specifically focuses on commercial dispute resolution. We serve as dependable partner through litigation, arbitration, out-of-court negotiations and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Guarding Our Clients’ Interests
Together with our clients, we develop dispute resolution and defense strategies fitting the specific needs, legal and economic risks. We implement the appropriate measures to enforce their rights and protect their interests.

Minimizing Conflict Risk
However, disputes are best to be prevented before arising. Thus, we pride ourselves on designing appropriate strategies and safeguards to minimize the legal and economic risks of potential conflicts and white collar crime allegations.

Successful Litigation PR
As favorable public opinion – and, thus, the constructive outcome of a matter – strongly depends on positive media coverage we closely collaborate with experts from other professions such as PR specialists.



White collar crime