Litigation is the heart of our practice. Our team combines eclectic skills, allowing us to provide a a broad range of litigation related services with a focus on high level commercial litigation. Our in-depth economic understanding enables us to cover various sectors and industries, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, healthcare & pharma, automotive, food as well as banking and insurance. Our litigation cases frequently set new precedents.

Core expertise

  • (Post-)M&A Conflicts and disputes related to Shareholder Agreements and SPAs
  • Corporate and D&O Liability, conflicts about misconduct and violation of duty of supervision
  • Manufacturing Disputes and conflicts linked to supply chain infringements
  • Greenwashing and disputes about false declarations or other misleading business information
  • Product Liability and tort claim proceedings
  • Distribution Law Disputes, Conflicts of between Distributors, Resellers or Sales and Business Agents, Conflicts out of Franchise Agreements
  • Unfair Competition Law, disputes about misleading business information
  • Construction Disputes and conflicts related to Real estate project development
  • Engineering and Turnkey Project conflicts
  • Pre-Trial Dispute Management, strategic advice to suitable dispute resolution mechanisms, trial preparation and assistance with the collection of evidence and expert opinions
  • Pre-Trial Dispute Prevention and representation in Alternative Dispute Resolution settings, drafting and negotiation of settlements (including strategies to avoid stamp duties)