Backround & areas of expertise​

Christoph joined petsche pollak in 2014 after obtaining his LL.M. degree in business law. Before joining our firm, Christoph had gained his first professional experience in the dispute resolution department of a top tier international law firm. Christoph passed the bar exam in 2018 with distinction, was admitted to the bar in 2020, and took on the position of counsel at petsche pollak.

Christoph specializes in corporate criminal defence and plays a crucial role in devising and executing the optimal strategy for our clients. He also comprehensively advises our clients active in the life-science sector regarding large international construction projects and regulatory issues, utilizing his business background as well as his extensive experience in high profile litigation proceedings. Christoph strives when complex legal cases require a holistic approach and a practical solution, which makes him a highly sought after part of our team. Christoph regularly holds workshops and trainings, with the goal to convey the most crucial legal concepts to non-legal professionals. In his private time, Christoph enjoys all kinds of racket sports and might become a florist after retirement.


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